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Monday, April 11, 2011

Polka Dot Love & Baby Sprinkles

I've helped host two baby sprinkles in recent months.  In case you are not totally sure what a baby sprinkle is, it's a slimmed down baby shower for moms who are expecting a "nextborn" baby.  Since major goods are covered, sprinkles are often given when having a baby of the opposite sex of the siblings and/or when there is a time gap between kids, making newer baby gifts a necessity!  My two friends Kelly and Laura were the "sprinkle-ees."  Kelly had the baby gap and Laura had too much pink! :)

Kelly's Sprinkle...
In September, my good friend Natalie and I hosted a sprinkle at my house for our sweet friend and neighbor Kelly.  Kelly, newer to the area, was still settling in and meeting new people, so we decided it would be fun for the neighborhood gals to sprinkle her with some love!  This was her 3rd child three years after her 2nd, so a bit of a gap. Specifically, we wanted to get some cute girlie things for Miss Annabelle-to-be, along with donations toward a gift card to Target for basic needs.

Kelly planned to use sage green and a few shades of pink in the nursery, so I created this simple invitation:

This is kind of where my polka-dot party decor phase began. :)  For decor we got polka dot napkins and solid paper plates from Target.  A few balloons were added to the mix, along with the diaper cake, of course! The diaper cake had light pink and light green topped with an "A" for Annabelle, since Kelly and hubby Shawn had just confirmed baby's name by sprinkle time.   I made a banner and tied ribbon here and there for color.  We kept the food light with some punch, fruit, crackers and cheese. The cake was really cute.  Randall's had a cupcake cake in the shape of a onesie! Everyone loved it!

We played "Kelly & Baby Trivia," the "Don't say Baby" pin stealing game and t.p. belly measuring - K was  a tiny mom with a 3rd child! :)  Winners got cute animal print scarves. Here is a photo collection of the fun:

We also created little "Neighborly Love" coupons for Kelly, offering what we could to help her out when Annabelle came and she began adjusting to 3 kiddos.

Miss Annabelle has grown into the cutest and sweetest baby and gifts from this sprinkle has kept her quite fashionable! ;)  Congrats to the McGraths on bringing a precious addition into this world.

Laura's Sprinkle...
My good friend Laura is a close girlfriend from church.  Fellow friends Kristin, Keri and I decided that since Laura had loaded up firstborn Miss Kennedy with way too much pink, Baby Trace-to-be was going to need some blue.  So plans were made to sprinkle her with some!  I came up with my favorite invitation design {smile} and envisioned some decor ideas for the venue.  We chose to do a dutch-style brunch at a great local bistro.  Here's the invitation. (Sorry about the blur on bottom...thought I had a better shot than this.)

Unfortunately, my and hubby's 10th anniversary getaway ended up conflicting with the sprinkle date, but even though I couldn't attend, I was committed to the decor to send with K & K.  My contributions:
  • Diaper cake, of course! ;)
  • Invitation to display
  • Polka dot confetti
  • Baby wishes cards (this is what I came up with to put on the plate)
  • Baskets for the cards (dollar store 2pk)
  • Cute fleur-de-lis / damask decor stands tied with ribbon (dots and damask are in Trace's bedding)
  • Thank-you tags for cupcake boxes to go (using my first circle cutter - worth it!)
Some shots of the completed items before passing them along:

Some shots by K&K showing the fun!

I HAD to include this.  My son (just 5) did the baby wishes for Trace - I gave him NO help nor suggestions.

Laura, it's adorable things like that that make those baby boys near and dear to Momma's heart! :) Can't wait to meet Mr. Trace!!

So thankful for God's blessings: Babies
With Him in mind,

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  1. I've never heard of a baby sprinkle, but I think it is a wonderful idea! Your decorations are adorable too! I especially like the coupon idea! Thanks for sharing, visiting from Tatertots & Jello.


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