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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Diaper Cake Love

I wanted to use a Clearly Candace post to share and promote one of my little passions: Diaper Cakes!  I love making them because they are fun way to be creative.  I consider them a great blank canvas to work with!  I enjoy putting together colors, themes and coordinating with baby nurseries and showers.  My favorite part, of course, is the ribbon, as well as the never-ending topper ideas!  It's just fun to me to come up with the next cake! I've also enjoyed making a few "made to order" styles for showers, too.

I use the "fanned method" for my cakes because I think it makes them look more like cake icing than than the traditional "rolled method."  It's also much easier!  My main cake making necessities include diapers, 2 sizes of pie plates, a paper towel roll (or cylindrical centerpiece like a bottle), rubber bands and a Lazy Susan. Throw in some fun ribbon, scissors, a hot glue gun, and fun topper and flair, and I'm all set!  If anyone in the Central Texas area is interested in one of my cakes as a great shower gift or table centerpiece, let me know!  I'd also consider sending them to you long-distance folks out there!

Below is my cake blog header photo.  I created a little blogspot to help advertise and showcase them with some estimated pricing for potential orders.  It's obviously a very new potential side biz!  I don't have too many in photos, but plan to grow my collection with time. Contact me for more details!

Introducing: Sweet Cakes by Candace

PS: I've also started doing a new diaper gifts to welcome a few new babies!  Here's one and check here for a few others!

It appears that Blogger has deleted my old diaper cake blogspot, so I will be creating a page on Clearly Candace for Sweet Cakes by Candace. :)  Here is a slideshow of the cakes I've made since the beginning!

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  1. I cannot believe those wreaths were made out of diapers--they are beautiful, clever, and useful!! Great job like always :)

  2. your diaper wreath is lovely. Do you have any tutorials on how to make one?

  3. Thanks for the wreath compliments, ladies! I wish I had a tutorial, but I don't. They are easy to do, though. Simply use any form, wire or wicker wreath and overlap the diapers around it fastening them with rubber bands and ribbon on top! I hung the centerpiece from ribbon in the middle. Great for new babies on the front door or hospital room door!

  4. "Simply use any FOAM, wire...." Sorry!


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