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Monday, September 29, 2014

Beefin' Up My Bags!

Lately, I've been stocking up Clearly Candace on Etsy with more party sacks!  I will blame a lot of this on my geeky love for creating the designs.  The software I use is kind of nerdy fun for me.  I have also learned that new/current party themes sell pretty well, if there's not as much else out there.  Boys seem to want the latest greatest themes, and my son is no exception!  It's always the brand new movie/show/character themes that have no party goods in stores they like, forcing moms to turn to Etsy. :) (Can I get an "Amen" moms?) 

My son's party bags were my inspiration as my first trial-and-error Etsy items.  Along the way, I learned a little more about Etsy and licensed characters (I draw my own), and I provide my Ninjago-inspired masks for free. FYI, the "brick company" is a little more nitpicky. ;)

TMNT masks on Etsy in color or black and white

Lately, the bags have been more geared to boys, but I plan to start some girl ideas soon. 
If you missed them, here are my most recent printables...
So, if you know of any kiddos or moms wanting/planning any of these themed birthdays, send them to the shop!  A cheap idea that's easy and creative and fun for the kids! 
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