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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lost in Creative Space: Part V - Finishing Touches

The finale of my first blog series is drawing near and it is bittersweet.  I wasn't expecting the anticipation I've had each week to sit down, write and share with you!  To catch up on the series, I invite you to see how I updated my furniture, wall color, organization and the "throne" for my space.  It's been quite the adventure! 

I don't know about you, but when I watch space makeovers on TV, I love when the designer puts the final touches on a space.  These finishing touches really inspire me to update a room, along with a great new wall color!  There's nothing like adding pops of color, photos, knick-knacks and pieces of personality to complete a room.  The final touches to my creative space were easy to find and affordable to add.  I would add them over a span of months as I found them.  Before starting the space, I would Google, Pin and watch Craigslist for decorative inspirations.  Pieces like these spoke to me, kind of like those Pier 1 commercials right now... 

The Company Store Antiqued Chandelier: 
"Let me shed some more light on that for you, Candace!" 

I had so much fun styling my shelves with frames, baskets, simple organizers, vases and knick-knacks!  I combined my old decor with new decor for a whole new look.  When updating decorative items, you can consider adding a little spray paint to your current knick-knacks or frames, or even distressing them.  I also found that recycled food jars make for great storage vases! ;)  These kinds of simple upcycling ideas can create a new look at little to no cost.

Below are my larger finishing touches.  I really truly LOVE the cool guest chair I found! I couldn't pass it up at T.J. Maxx (for $59.99) one day well before I'd even painted the room.  It definitely set the tone for my pop of hot pink. :)

The rug ($13) from Ross added some pop + sparkle against my blah beige carpet.  For some Clearly Candace personality, I really wanted add the letter C as a theme in my space.  I found the above 24" hand-carved C from Etsy ($33+shipping) to be my focal point in the room.  I also picked up a few smaller Cs (~$1-$7) to add to the mix.

I love this Etsy print I found on Pinterest and made one for myself.  The damask mini hat boxes came from Hobby Lobby, and I probably should've waited for a sale, but I couldn't bear to lose them ($23).   I love the impact made by the color and size of these two items next to each other, so I've decided to put an encouraging Scripture in this 8x10 frame with a similar look.  Don't worry, I plan to downsize the Love print for a 5x7 close by.  :)

For my desk, I added a Target lamp and pink Ikea shade for $17 after my old lamp broke.  The $2 Ikea frames, a pen/pencil holder and some pink Gerber daisies give it a nice feminine finish.

And last, but not least...lighting!  Yes, that adorable Company Store chandelier pictured above was new in the box on Craigslist.  I had initially planned to find and paint an old chandelier to to replace the sad little dome light.  When searching for an old one, I stumbled upon this one priced at a quarter of its retail price--SOLD!  No DIY work, a great look and a great price!  Here it is after being so graciously hung by my hubby.  I opted for the simple, (no pink drops) look.  I think it is a beautiful final touch to the room.

Each of these accents give color, personality and style to my space.  I'm sure I'll be adding and rearranging things as time goes on, but that's just me.  Finishing touches are too fun!  I am very anxious show you my full space photos in the upcoming finale post.  There's nothing like seeing a completed project and comparing the before's and after's of a made-over room.  I can't wait!  

For today's post on "beautifying and adorning" my space, I thought this Scripture on the adornment and beauty of a Godly woman was fitting.

"Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight."  
1 Peter 3:3-4

Keeping Him in mind,

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