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Monday, March 5, 2012

Ninjas, Unicorns and Rainbows..Oh My!

Do I win "Best Random Blog Post Title" with this one?  HA!

My babies are growing up way too fast! Being two years and a week apart, we've been blessed to do a double birthday every year so far.  You might recall their "Veg-Double Bouncy Birthday" last year.  Well, I thought that might be the last duo-party for us.  That all changed when my son showed interest in his sister's gymnastics class in fall.  Next?  "I'd like to reserve one double birthday at your facility, please!"

By the title, you may have an idea of where things went from there.  Yup, two different kids with two different interests, made for two VERY different birthday themes this year.  This was definitely a new challenge for me, but I was absolutely game.  Those who know me can agree that I get carried away with my party visions, but this year, I made sure to stay simple.  The problem:  I liked LOTS of simple things. :) The themes were lots of fun, I will say.  My son decided on a Ninjago-themed party (Lego Ninjas - all the rage) and my daughter's request was "Mommy, I want a party with unicorns and rainbows." Cute, huh? :) Well, I was full-on brainstorming in January.  Pinterest was the source of my ideas or where ideas spurred from, of course. Oh, how I love Pinterest.  I hope you like what I came up with.  It was too fun!

Since the gymnastics facility has a few rules and regs and pricey rates, we decided each child could invite 7 friends. Conveniently, my daughter asked girls and my son asked boys, so two different invitations were made.

My daughter's invitations were special.  This is because they were the first project using my awesome Christmas gift - a Silhouette Cameo!!  For the non-crafty, this is a digital paper cutter. :)  I downloaded a unicorn shape from the Silhouette website, got cute white cards, some rainbow ribbon, and a little added cardstock to create this:

For my son, I went the easy route. I found this background graphic online, added some text, printed them as 4x6 photos at Walgreens, and glued them onto some black cardstock.  My son loved them.

Food and Decor
After scanning the Internet and Pinterest for Ninja and Unicorn/Rainbow party theme ideas, I decided on cupcakes for both kids.  Ninja mask faces for his and 3D rainbows with clouds for hers.  These were my party food and decor selections:

Ninja-inspired foods:
- Sushi Rice Krispie Treats
- Swedish Fish
- Shoestring potatoes
- Ninja cheeses, meats and tortillas

Rainbow-themed foods:
- Rainbow Rice Krispie Treats
- Skittles
- Rainbow Goldfish
- Rainbow veggie and fruit plates

Ninjago-inspired decor:
- Balloons on sticks with the above ninja eye masks taped to them (cut by my Silhouette)
- Solid color plates/napkins in each of the ninja colors (red, black, blue and white)
- Ninja eye masks in the 4 ninja colors made from t-shirts
- Black tablecloth decorated with the above ninja mask eyes
- $1 black salsa bowls at Wal-Mart that look like little black woks for candy/snacks
- $6 red cupcake tree from the Valentine's seasonal section

Unicorn/Rainbow decor:
- Balloons on sticks - one in each color of the rainbow
- Unicorn/Rainbow plates, napkins and standing decoration from Oriental Trading Co.
- Unicorn horns - tightly rolled party hats with shiny accents of cut chrome Duck Tape
- White tablecloths accented by rainbow leis
- A vase of rainbow Twizzlers for the kids table
- $2 glass dishes from Wal-Mart (I had 4) for Skittles and rainbow Goldfish
- Clear cupcake tree
- Toy unicorns on cake table (family gifts from her actual birthday)

Here were the results!


The kids had a ball!  They got to do all the standard gymnastics activities (balance beam, rings, bars, trampoline, tumbling) in addition to an inflatable and foam pit.  The boys even got to ride a zip line and fall into the pit!  The coaches were great with the kids, too.  They loved Johnny.

Party Favors
The favors this year were fun and I did them early.  I knew I wanted those little takeout boxes for the Ninjago-inspired favors.  I got to use my Silhouette again for the unicorn/rainbow favor sacks. 

Ninjago-inspired favors: Takeout boxes with Ninjago-inspired eyes containing origami ninja stars using foil cardstock paper, ninja figurines, Pop Rocks and Tootsie Pops.

Here are some free printables of my ninjago-inspired masks via Clearly Candace's Google Drive!  For your personal party use only (no copying, sharing, selling permitted). Enjoy!   

Unicorn/Rainbow favors:  White paper sacks with printed/cut unicorns filled with a wooden unicorn coloring craft, rainbow of hairbands, Skittles and a Unicorn Pop.  I found some online images of the contents, since I forgot to photograph the contents.

Thank You Cards
For the Thank-You's, I found an Etsy shop that created a cute blank Ninjago thank-you card graphic that I printed at Walgreens.  For the girls, I purchased tag-shaped white cards from Hobby Lobby and tied rainbow ribbon to the top. I found a unicorn stamp and added that to the right of my "thanks" stamp using a purple ink stamp pad.  I got standard white envelopes for all the cards.

So, what do you get when you combine ninjas and unicorns? Johnny said he loved the themes as soon as we began decorating.  This pic definitely shows that love. :)

I hope you enjoyed this year's double birthday festivities!  Yea, it was a lot of work for an hour and a half, but 'tis the story of my life.  Maybe I'll tone it down a bit more next year.....maybe. ;)

Thanks for visiting!

Keeping Him in mind,


  1. Hi where did you find the eyes invitation for the ninjago theme??? elisatorres359@ gmail.com thanks!

  2. I found the graphic searching Google images and then put my own text on top of it using Picasa. Hope that helps! :)

  3. I don't own a Silouette Cameo. Can anyone just buy the unicorn image? If so, exactly where? Thanks!!

  4. Jennifer, the image file is in Silhouette Studio format and I have a Silhouette account, so I'm not sure it would be accessible to you without the software. Are you wanting it to print, to cut out, or both? If for cutting, it would be very difficult without a paper cutter. It's details we're even tough for my Cameo, although I'm still a newbie at it. :)

  5. Thanks for the reply. I was hoping to use it on a card, assuming that it was JPEG or similar. Oh well!

  6. Thanks for the great ideas! My son wants a Ninjago party and these are inexpensive but perfect ideas for carrying thru the theme.

  7. Great party! My son is having a Ninjago party next weekend! I love the ninjago eyes cutouts. I wish I had a Cameo (on my wish list). I think I will have to "borrow" your ninja ballon idea!

  8. Thanks, DLL and Angela! Good luck with your own Ninjago parties! Would love to see pics of them!

  9. So cute! I'm planning a ninjago party for my son now. Where did you buy the take out boxes?

  10. I got them at Michaels, party city and had to order the black ones from asianideas.com! Black was hard to find...

  11. How did you make the ninja masks?

  12. I used my son's old t-shirts to make the masks. I found a pattern to follow on Pinterest and just cut them freehand. I cut horizontal bands starting at the bottom of the shirt which were perfect sizes for the masks. Hope that helps!

  13. Thanks! Do you remember the pintrest post?

  14. I just used it as a visual reference. I also cut one big hole for the eyes. The post is on Shannonmakesstuff.com and its dated July 11, 2011. My Blogger app isn't letting me paste the link here for some reason.

  15. Where did you find the sticks for the balloons? I can't find any at the party stores.

  16. Hi, SO cute!! Love it. All. Could you email the eyes for the takeout boxes? I have no clue how to make something like that, so it would take forever and I'm right in the middle of moving! So super last minute party, ah! millerbel@yahoo.com
    Thanks a ton!

  17. Sorry for the delay! Busy summer so far! I got the balloon sticks at Hobby Lobby and I would be happy to email you, Belle! Hope it's not too late! :-/

  18. Hi
    Great ideas...would you mind sharing your ninja eyes with me? nickangieericson@yahoo.com


  19. Me to I would love to have the eyes at flossykp@yahoo.com

    Thanks, Great Party Ideas!

  20. I am not sure if you are still sending the ninja eyes out but I would love it if you could send them to me....so cute! ajhieterry@bellsouth.net

  21. Please refer to my new update to request printables. Thanks!

  22. I'd love the Ninjago eyes! Ive subscribed and FB liked! I have a party on Thursday so I need them ASAP!

  23. Can I get the Ninjago eyes too? I just subscribed and FB liked! I love all of your ideas for the Ninjago party. My son is going to be so excited!

  24. oops...lehua.gardner@gmail.com

  25. Hello Candace, I too have subscriped and liked your FB page. Please send the Ninjago eyes, I have a party coming up....and love your creative ideas. Thanks. lmejia76@sbcglobal.net

  26. Hi, I'd love to have the eyes too, I've subscribed with Google Friend Connect and like you on Facebook!

    carriesean @ gmail.com Thanks!

  27. Hi Candance, great ideas for the ninja party..i gave the fb like and subscribed, could i get the eyes as well.. thanks for the great inspiration! levismom422@aol.com

  28. Hi Candace- I love your party ideas! I subscribed to your blog and liked you on facebook. Can I please get the printouts now for the Ninjago party? Please email them to sandaef@hotmail.com Thanks!

  29. Hi there- I love your Ninjago party! I've subscribed and liked you on facebook. Could I please get the printout for the ninjago eyes? You can email them to mayrachimento@gmail.com Thank you in advance!

  30. hi- love your party and your blog! i have liked you on facebook! can i please get the ninjago eyes? i am having a party this saturday. thank you! britbrad1@gmail.com

  31. Hi- how did you make the large origami ninja stars? I followed a video on YouTube that uses a full size sheet of paper but mine turned out small. I like the size of yours. Do I need a bigger piece of paper? Thanks!

  32. @srbchica, I used 12x12 shiny foil cardstock paper from the scrabooking section. Great size, very sturdy (my son's are still in tact since March!) and shiny to boot! Definitely use 12x12 paper for larger size. And you'll simply skip the initial fold of the 8.5x11 that makes it square! Good luck!

  33. HI! I love your great ideas. I have liked you on facebook. Could you please send me the printable ninjago eyes. We have a party tomorrow! josh_stephaniehansen@msn.com THANKYOU!!!!

  34. I liked on Facebook,was wondering if you still send out Ninjago Eyes. dhofer25@gmail.com Thanks

  35. Hi! We are doing a Ninjago Birthday Party at my sons Karate Dojo in December. I love your ideas and will definitely be borrowing some of them. I would love to have the Ninja eyes as well @ maragoulette@gmail.com. Thanks so much.
    Oh yeah I am your newest follower and Facebook liked ya too1

  36. Hi. I liked you in facebook. The Ninja party ideas are really fun. Would you mind sending out the eyes to brungroup@gmail.com? Thanks.

  37. I would love to have the printable for the Ninjago eyes, i am getting ready to work on the take out box treat boxes. I just subscribed to your blog and liked you on facebook! Ninjago party supplies are hard to come by!
    Thanks so much!

  38. Hi, I loved your ninjago party ideas. I subscribed to the blog and liked on facebook. could I please get a printable version of the ninjago eyes for my sons upcoming birthday party. you can email me at gina_howard@comcast.net

  39. Hello Candace,
    I just did the two requests you posted to recieve the reproducilbles. Can you please send me any ninja images you used for the ninjago party? I loved everything you did and my sons birthday is in January.

    Thank you,


  40. I forgot to put my email ea7199@yahoo.com

    Thanks Erika

  41. Hello candace please respond to this, where can i get that unicorn paper cutter?

    1. I downloaded a unicorn shape from the Silhouette website - I have a Silhouette Cameo digital paper cutting machine. I have the unicorn shapes, so with a Blog/Twitter Follow and a FB Like, I could send you those! :) However, they'll be pretty intricate to cut out. Email me: clearlycandace@gmail.com

  42. Hi I liked you on FB and subscribed to the blog. I am planning a Ninjago party for my son. May I please have the Ninjago printables? My email is jo.hay5@hotmail.com.

    Thank you! Your ideas are awesome!

  43. Hi Candace! Just subscribed and liked! :D Throwing a Ninjago party in February! Please send me the printables. Thank you for the great idea.

  44. I would love the eye template!! Our party is in 2 weeks and I am finally getting my act together!
    Thank you!


  45. Hi Candace! I would really love the eye template! My 2 boys are obsessed with Lego Ninjago and these would be fun to make for them. I've subscribed to your blog and liked you on Facebook also, thank you.

  46. I would love to receive the file for the ninja eyes. WONDERFUL for my son's birthday party next month. Thank you in advance!

  47. hi, I need a lil help lol...can u please email me a lizzytwins11@Ymail.com...i would really like to know where u got the eyes,and the carry out boxes...thanks

  48. LATEST UPDATE: I am going to try out the Ninjago eyes file on Etsy as a first time trial. I have always wanted to take a stab at Etsy, and I thougth this would be an easy way to start. I promise it will be a very low price, and if I can find out how to apply a discount code, I'll be sure to post one for all my future interested visitors! :) We shall see how they do! Thanks for your support!

  49. NINJAGO EYES UPDATE: The eye printable files are now on Etsy Not sure what to expect, but they have started to sell! You can find them in my new ClearlyCandace Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/125918240/ninjago-eyes-printables-digital-files


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